New City

New City

15 Marynarska Street

1275 parking places

4 entrances, 5 exits

Automatic paystation and payment point

New City building it’s a project distinguished by its elegance and architectural style where every detail has been refined to perfection. This office building is classified as a representative for the whole Mokotowa business space thanks to the glass facade of the building in combination with its location and style. Inspiration to this project was boat – catamaran, where magnificent, arched wings (building A and B) crowned, and even closes with two sides, a block of the central part of the building (building C) which in effect is gaining the central and presentable character.

The resulting conception it’s “New City in city” – office and service complex within own rout for pedestrian and cars and own service center and conference facilities provide both users and guests maximum comforts.

Thanks to unique architecture and and functional solutions is building definitely stands out from the ambient – giving an impression of dominating above the whole area, where the shape and beauty of the blocks are perfectly integrated into the surrounding landscape.

Car Park company signed an agreement with New City II for provide parking with modern parking devices from AMANO EUROPE company. In the parking lot that will be able to park the impressive number of 1,205 cars.