Parking New Market

Parking New Market

Plac Nowy Targ

(Polski) 390 miejsc parkingowych
5 Wjazdów 3 Wyjazdy
2 Kasy automatyczne
1 Stanowisko ręcznego poboru opłat

July 25 was the grand opening of the Park in New Market Square in Wrocław. The investment value of which exceeds 38 million, will provide more than 330 new parking spaces for residents and visitors of Wroclaw city. Car Park Sp. Ltd. has provided, installed and launched three systems enabling full control over the parking lot – CCTV Monitoring System, Free Parking Places Signaling System and Amano Xparc Parking System. Thank for that Parking New Market is the most modern object of that kind in Wrocław.

Information about free parking spaces is sent to displays placed on the streets leading to the parking lot – Piaskowej and Purkyniego. At the entrances to the parking another displays shows number of free free parking places on each floor. Client gets a ticket at the entrance and in finding a free parking place helps free parking places signaling system. Above the free place above is lit green LED, and red for occupied by cars. Arranged across the parking lot displays make it easy to find a parking space. The parking fees are payable in automatic paystation, located at level 0 in  entry pavilions to the parking lot. Safety cars left in the parking provides nearly 60 HD cameras, which parking staff has live view, 24 hours a day, also remotely via the Internet.