Shopping Center Agora Bytom

Shopping Center Agora Bytom

1 Tadeusza Kościuszki Street

800 parking places

2 entrances, 2 exits

3 automatic paystation

Shopping Center Agora Bytom is located in the center of Bytom between the streets Kwietniewskiego, Jainty, Sądową and Dzieci Lwowskich. To mall you can get into by the main city shopping street – Dworcowa. Agora Bytom is a comprehensive, multi-purpose investment, consisting of a shopping and entertainment center and parking with 800 parking places. There are multiplex cinema, shops, cafes, restaurants, service point, small auditorium and art gallery. This is the first in Bytom so modern commercial and service investment, located in the city center.

The Car Park company has installed a professional Amano Xparc parking system. The system manages maintenance free parking, fees are accepted at the automated  ticket offices located in the traffic routes. Additionally Carp Park Company has provided a free parking places counting system on each floor – information for drivers are displayed at the entrance to each floor.